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Project Vikas

‘Project VIKAS’ – An Initiative by Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation

Project VIKAS aims to transform 1 million human lives through value-based education. Out of these 1 million students, we anticipate 10% will pursue higher professional courses and thereby ultimately give back to the society

In 2012, We initiated ‘Project VIKAS’ (Value Integrated Knowledge Assistive Scheme), with 6 teachers and 173 students in 6 Government schools of Vadali, which is 140 Kilometers away from Ahmedabad. Today, we have 20,741 students, studying in 252 tribal / rural Government schools of 10 Talukas in Gujarat, and a very committed and dedicated team of 354 members in our 'Project VIKAS' family.
‘Project VIKAS’ improves the lives of children who live below the poverty line and also creates Eco System in Government schools, all of which is possible because of our team members very high level of commitment and selflessness. They all understand the value of Education and its true meaning, and how they can better the society we live in.

It is commonly believed that High quality education is the produce of the efforts of "experienced teachers." But " experienced teacher" are not easily available on a large scale basis. In order to find solution to this scarcity, 'Project VIKAS' has adopted a model to assist the skilled rural teachers available with inovative processes, teaching methods and web portal.This is in turn enables them to deliver a quality education at large scale. Well defined standardized processes, combined with technology, has attracted rural tribal youth,especially women to join 'Project VIKAS' and transform their own lives as well the lives of more than 1 million children residing in rural India. In the Indian rural context, it is unprecedented for women to leave their homes and develop their careers and contribute time for social cause
Well-defined standardized processes combined with technology, has attracted rural tribal youth, especially women to associate to join ‘Project VIKAS’ and transform their own lives as well the lives of more than 1 million children residing in rural India. In the Indian rural context, it is unprecedented for women to leave theirs homes and develop their careers and contribute time for a social cause.
In ‘Project VIKAS’ female participation is on par with male. This is a major shift in the mind set of people living in the rural part of Gujarat. All the female members associate with program are getting aquatinted with technology and its benefits.
Program reach also enhanced from 173 students and 6 teachers in 2012 to 252 tribal / rural Government schools covering 20,741 students supported by a dedicated 354 team members under the ‘Project VIKAS’.
We recruit are recruited through robust standardizes processes. We seek to certified treachers from nearby communities who possess a strong passion for teaching. They are then placed in a school within 10kilo meter to ensure smooth transition among the students, teachers, school management and local communities alike. We also strive to incorporate technology into the classroom in order to create a mutual eco system at the schools.
Specially designed in-house applications haves enhanced systematized monitoring and ensured 100% completion of the academic calender's syllabus.
Child- centric class transaction processes, as well as effective monitoring and evaluation system, have improve Project VIKAS's 'students' academic performances across various learning modules.
We hold review meetings,bimonthly, to evaluate every stake holder's performance. Our team initiates corrective action based upon micro-level in-depth monitoring, and real time data. We continue the feedback process until we achieve our targeted results.
Specially designed in-house applications have enhanced systematized monitoring and ensured 100% completion of the academic calendar’s syllabus.

Type Description
Basic Level of Education We provide Basic levels of Education to weak students who do not have rudimentary arithmetic and reading / writing proficiency. These weak students have been given special coaching to meet the minimum level of education, using our in-house learning with fun methodology.These student's level are tested weekly by our teacher / team members, and performance report for each child is generated on a regular basis, using our specially designed Application Portal. During our 4 years of operation we have provided basic education to 6,762 students.
Maths, Science and English Teaching for 6th to 8th standard students We provide Math, Science English and Computer education to 6th through 8th standard students. We have developed a pedagogy to teach Science, Math and English to rural students from 6th through 8th standards. Though many of out teachers,did not initially possess a Science background. We have developed content for Science, Math and English teaching, and trained our teachers accordingly. We use Technology extensively, for teaching as well as monitoring the performance of each child/subject/teacher and school. During the last academic year, we himplemented Science and Math teaching rubrics for 5,087 students of 6th and 7th standard, in 109 Government schools. The performance of each student's, participation in this program,is monitored on a chapter wise and monthly basis. We have completed 100% of the syllabi in both the semesters, with the average improvement of 29.41% in student performance.
Remedial Coaching for Maths and English During the implementation of the project, we observed that many rural students were not performing well in the regular classes, because of weak fundamental knowledge in Maths and English Hence, we have developed content and pedagogy to teach Maths and Englishin order to provide fundamental knowledge to such students.
Special Coaching for Bright Students We have also developed processes to identify bright students. We provide special coaching and extend all education support to these students to ensure that they recieve the best education. Our team regularly monitors every bright student's performance. We, at corporate level, regularly by our team. We at corporate level, regularly review the performances of every bright student and establish an action plan for his / her growth.