Dr. K.R. Shroff Foundation

Dr. K.R. Shroff Foundation


Character Development

  • Some of the Character Building programs initiated by us with the help of Oasis

  • Teachers’ Education Courses – Jyotirdhar Program
  • • Character Building & Self Leadership Education for children
  • • Life Camps & Leadership Development Camps [Grade 7 onwards]
  • • Oasis Dream India Camps [Grade 7 onwards]
  • • Individual & Group Counselling for school students

  • About ‘Hu Chhu Jyotirdhar’- ‘હું છું જ્યોતિર્ધર અભિયાન’

    The teacher is a role model for the child. His / her conduct and character plays very important role in child’s development. As citizens of an independent nation, teachers cannot escape from their duties and responsibilities amidst all deficiencies and difficulties. Keeping in heart the feeling of an ideal and privileged nation-building, teachers must show the direction for the life-building of children. She/he should carry the spirit of the building of ideal society and dignified Nation, with her/him. It is a big challenge. It is the demand of the present time that the teacher becomes aware her/his self-duty and fulfils it after becoming self-aware of his/her role & responsibility

    Oasis has come up with a revolutionary workshop of 40 days named "The Philosophy, Art & Science of Living, Loving & Learning" which continues for four years. It is the most powerful process of self-transformation. This is the best course for character building and learning how to inculcate the highest ideals and principles of living.

    The main goal of this program is to awaken the great human being hidden within ourselves, through self-thinking, self-improvement, self-purification and self-development. Teachers can act as a role model for hundreds and thousands of children & youths, and mould them into spirited citizens of India.


    The very purpose of Oasis Life Camps is to facilitate the unveiling of the hidden potential of children. They incorporate life-oriented subjects. They do not consist of mere lectures or preaching. These life camps provide an enjoyable environment to share, learn and find out your own selves. They consist of a special curriculum, highly participatory modules and processes, which allow the inquiries in life. Principles and values of Life are introduced in a way that can be understood easily. An environment is created where children can fall in love with idealism; where they learn to put their country and communities above themselves; where they understand that what we get is necessary for our living but our life is created by what we give. The duration of Life Camp is 3 full days, they maybe residential or non-residential.


    This camp is also popularly known as Freedom Camp or મસ્તી કીપાઠશાલા amongst children!!

    Oasis firmly believes that all students / children are good and uniquely talented. They are always very eager to learn important things about life. However, the evils of comparison, competition and cramming suffocate their tremendous creativity. If given right environment full of freedom, fun and respect, these teenagers bloom in their unique ways. All Oasis activities are carried out in tandem with the highest principle of Education.

    Main Objectives of the Camp:

    • • Children learn to be responsible citizens in an environment of complete freedom
    • • Their hidden talents come out in an environment of complete freedom
    • • They learn to live in a community
    • • They learn to find creative solutions to their own problems
    • • Most important they learn to be happy!!

  • Duration of the Camp: 7-8 days, Residential only