Dr. K.R. Shroff Foundation

Dr. K.R. Shroff Foundation


Journey so far

  • Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation is a philanthropic initiative of Pratul Shroff, founder CEO of eInfochips, for providing very high quality VALUE based education. Shri Pratul Shroff’s father, Dr. K. R. Shroff had devoted his whole life in serving under privileged people. Keen to keep this altruistic spirit alive, Shri Pratul Shroff created the Foundation in his father's name. Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation initiated Project VIKAS (Value Integrated Knowledge Assistance Scheme) in 2012.

  • It is commonly believed that high quality education is the produce of the efforts of experienced teachers. But experienced teachers are not available on a large scale basis. As the saying goes, “ Necessity is the mother of invention”. In order to find solution to this scarcity, 'Project VIKAS' came up with a very innovative model to leverage the raw talent available in rural India and nurture them into excellent teachers with innovative processes, teaching methods and web portal. The secret sauce is in the interview process that discovers the raw talent that has hunger, fire & passion and nurture that talent into fabulous teachers. This has been one of the enabling factors to deliver quality education on a large scale. Not only that, this has transformed their own lives as well the lives of more than 34,000 children. In addition, it has created a tightly knit community around the education initiative in the villages. The second most important enabling factor has been incorporation of technology; including multi-media based content creation, delivery and assessment to impart quality education and lay the groundwork for scaling in future for this initiative. The third pillar to ensure a successful transformation in quality & quantify of education has been continuous assessment of learning by each & every child through an innovating SaaS product named: “S2T2”. Every child’s score after every test is logged and monitored throughout the year with the help of this web enabled software product that continuously tracks & monitors progress of each and every child, each and every school and each & every subject. Our team initiates corrective action based upon micro-level in-depth monitoring, and real time data. Taken together, these three innovations truly sets VIKAS initiative apart and has produced phenomenal results by uplifting average score by almost 33% among 271 schools and 34,000 children.                               

  • Here is a short synopsis of our journey of the last years:



    The foundation entered into a partnership with Maa Foundation, Vapi, as knowledge partner. We started our journey with 6 teachers, and 173 students, studying in 6 schools, in Vadali taluka of Sabarkantha District.

  • We focused on the area of Education and particularly Primary Education in tribal belts of north Gujarat, because of following reasons:-
  •                    • Students within the 5th through 8th Standards showed significant struggles with reading, writing and basic maths./
  •                   • Majority population was tribal and socio-economically backward
  •                   • Very poor girl education
  •                   • School ‘Drop out Ratio’ was very high
  •                   • Science education was missing


    The Foundation’s operation was expanded to 56 government schools in Vadali, Vijaynagar, Khedbrahma and Bhiloda Talukas of Sabarkantha district, covering more than 3400 students.


    The foundation further expanded its reach to 112 primary schools in the Sabarkantha District, covering Idar and Poshina talukas, in addition to the talukas mentioned as above. The foundation augmented the basic teaching with development of a remedial course in Maths for sixth standard students. We also trained our teachers to conduct regular classes for 6th and 7th standard Maths and Science subjects in 28 schools. Management structure for ‘School Performance Monitoring’ was introduced. The foundation also extended education support to other NGOs.


    The foundation supported over 156 government primary schools in the Sabarkantha and Gandhinagar districts, covering more than 13000 students. Performance monitoring process for monitoring each student, school and subject was introduced. Foundation team strength had increased to 198 members.


    With the same focused approach, the foundation had added more schools, and extended their education support to 224 government schools. Student numbers had increased to 20800. This year, we had also covered 42 schools in Ahmedabad district. We have also developed A SaaS application titled: “S2T2” and deployed it for the performance monitoring covering all the students of these 224 schools


    The foundation supported more than 300 schools in Sabarkantha, Aravalli, Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar districts, covering more than 34000 students. We have initiated Higher Education Improvement Program (HEIP) for standard 9th and 10th standard students in 12 schools of Ahmedabad and Sabarkantha districts.

          About the Pioneers




Late Shri Dr. K. R. Shroff

Dr. K. R. Shroff ((1921-1989) was one of the top Indian physicians of his time, he earned his MRCP (Member of Royal College of Physicians) from London in 1950. For over 25 years, he was associated with Civil Hospital (Ahmedabad) as an honorary physician, as well as the B.J. Medical College (Ahmedabad) as the Dean and Associate Professor. Dr. Shroff also authored an educational book on medicine. He was considered Ahmedabad’s leading visionary cardiologist. He strongly believed in giving back to society, and he exemplified this belief through his charitable works. His son Pratul is the Founder and CEO of eInfochips, the leading technology services company based in Ahmedabad, and has decided to propel his father’s legacy of generosity forward. Most of his philanthropic work was done silently, quietly and without becoming public knowledge

Shri Pratul Shroff

As the Founder & CEO of eInfochips, Pratul has steered eInfochips from its humble beginnings in 1994 to a top-notch Product and Semiconductor Engineering Services Company today. For 10 years, Pratul worked for Intel and Daisy Systems in the USA. At Intel, he was a part of the 80186 processor design team, and was one of the founding engineers at Daisy Systems. Pratul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani (India) and a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Cornell University, USA. He has also earned an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad (India). Pratul whole-heartedly believes in giving back to society. In 2011, he founded the Dr. K. R. Shroff foundation and initiated Project VIKAS, a program to raise the teaching standards in rural schools He also contributes to initiatives like Visamo Kids (a foster home for ~150 underprivileged children) and “Gyanshala”.

Pratul was awarded the ‘Outstanding IT Entrepreneur of the Year by Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy, (Chairman, Infosys) by Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) in 2004. Electronics Maker Magazine honoured him with the “Man of Innovation Award – 2016”. He also won “Gujarat Ratna” award in 2016 to be followed by “Hercules Award” by Government of Gujarat in 2018.

Shri Uday Desai

Uday Desai has been working with eInfochips since 2010 and currently heads up Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation. In the past, Uday was associated with Gujarat State Wide Area Network (GSWAN) project, eGovernance infrastructure of Gujarat Government, from 2002 to 2008, where his major responsibility was Network planning, deployment and monitoring the performance of entire IT infrastructure of the state.